Dusk Elf






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Soul Sword




Glandias is one of the main characters in TSS:LB. He for the most part understands why the Dwarves fight the Elves, and often tries to be friendly and understanding of Kroen. He uses his time and experience in this world very well to the point people think of him as a genius. He is a master of his Illusion element of magic, and fool almost anyone with his abilities. However he is so intelligent that he can guarantee to avoid conflict using words with another intelligent being.


Living a life of almost five-hundred years has given Glandias much time to form his view of the world and how everything works. Like many Elves he has devoted the greater part of his life to intellectual studies, however he has also spent a portion of his life working under the Elven Defensive. The longer he lives the more and more he trusts and believes the Elven Religion to be fact, given his renown throughout the Elven society many others follow his belief. The one and only reason he follows Theodus is pursue his dream of proving the Elven Religion to be true. In exchange for his chance to study Ba'al; Glandias supports Theodus with his vast knowledge of the world, and mastery of the Illusion Element.

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